A new espression

We have decided to introduce a new limited edition range of wines to showcase the very best of our fabulous region. There are 3 important wines made from Nebbiolo and Barbera, the two most representative and celebrated varieties in the Langhe, comprising Barbera Superiore, Nebbiolo Superiore and Barbaresco Riserva Rizzi.

These wines are produced using grapes, carefully harvested by hand from, our oldest vines located at 350-450 metres above sea level with the very best exposure. This provides ideal temperature ranges and optimum conditions for maturing grapes of the highest quality.

Our objective is to produce wines that properly reflect the typical characteristics of both the grape, the unique local soil and microclimate

In the cellar, we allow fermentation and longer maceration with the skins at higher temperatures for 35 days continuously to fully achieve this aim, The wine is then aged for 12 months in new lightly toasted Slavonian oak barriques and 6-12 months, or more, in the bottle.

Careful work and ageing produces a complex, structured wine with a strong personality that reflects the principal qualities we seek: a wine that is enjoyable to drink immediately but that will continue to improve with ageing over several years.

Even the bottle has not been left to chance. We use the “Albeisa” bottle that adds an unequivocal local style to best represent our magnificent heritage.